Elevated Gardens use solar powered watering and a clever design to make it simple for everyone to grow fresh produce in virtually any outdoor location.

Easy to Use

If you do not have the time or expertise to look after a traditional garden, then an Elevated Garden is for you.

There is no need to remember to water the plants! The self-watering system operates for up to two months without the need to top up the water. Your plants will thrive even when you go on holidays.

Over watering is not possible because any excess water drains into the water reservoir, in the base of the growing tank.

Elevated Gardens ensure an ideal growing environment by maintaining consistent moisture and nutrient levels, without the fuss.


Elevated Gardens tick all the boxes for sustainability:

The automated watering system is solar powered, with all the water recycled through your garden.

The cocopeat growing medium is renewable and 100% organic.

The growing tanks are made from virgin, food grade plastic and are 100% recyclable

Setting Up an Elevated Garden

  • Joe

    Brisbane, QLD

    We have had our Elevated Garden now for three months and it has far exceeded my expectations. The plant growth is much improved on normal vege gardens that I have had over the years plus there has been no need to use insecticides so far. We can go away without worrying about water timers etc.

  • Amanda

    Sunshine Coast, QLD

    We have wanted to grow our own veggies from some time, but between shift work and with my husband often working overseas we just did not have the time. Getting an Elevated Garden has been amazing with fresh produce always available with minimal effort. I am growing tomatoes, bok choy, basil, baby spinach and lettuce, just to name a few. Everything grows very quickly.

  • Neville

    Cairns, QLD

    It is fun and provides a high sense of satisfaction to grow your own veges. My wife loves cooking and she is over the moon to be able to go onto our terrace and pick fresh herbs. All the greenery is lovely too and helps create a sense of a back yard even though we live in an apartment.